Gluten Free

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We specialise in producing high quality gluten free mixes for all applications.  Our R&D focus has been to produce a range of products which surpass current offerings in all sectors of the food industry.  Our expertise can assit your business to add value to your customer's business


  • Breadmix
  • Pastry Mix
  • Pikelet & Pancake Mix
  • Cake Mix
  • Biscuit Mix
  • Pizza Base Mix

Food Service

  • Stocks/ Bouillons
    • Flavours include beef, chicken, garlic, vegetable, mushroom, seafood.
  • Gravies
    • Flavours include beef, chicken, brown onion, butter chicken, rosemary mint, red wine & garlic, thai laksa.


  • Hot Dog Batter
  • Crispy Fish Batter


  • Chicken coatings
  • Seafood coatings
  • Meat coatings